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My 5 Best Money-Saving Strategies

Save MoneySaving money is on everybody’s mind these days and office printing is no exception. I was reading earlier that as much a 1% to 3 % of business expenses can be attributed to printing cost. It’s no wonder, then, that businesses are looking for every way they can to cut down on these expenses. I have heard, from the time I got into this business, that we are headed toward a paperless society. I honestly do not think we’ll ever get there, but there is no question that we are headed in that direction. Until that happens though, here are some hints on ways to cut down on printing costs for your office.

  1. Use the print preview function. There is nothing like holding a piece of paper in your hands to see if you have communicated your ideas the way that you want to. Before you print it out though, take a look at it on the computer screen. There are many mistakes in formatting etc. that can be easily seen and corrected before you actually print.
  2. Use a different font. If you do need to print out a document to look at before you actually print out the final document to check for errors and readability, you might consider changing the font. A san-serif font (i.e. Arial) uses much less ink or toner than a serif font (i.e. Times New Roman.) Furthermore, switching to Century Gothic from Arial will save you 31% in printing costs. Of course, you can always switch back to your favorite font for the final printing.
  3. Use economode. Many of today’s printers have a have a draft mode or economode that will use less toner or ink when printing. Using this feature could save you as much as 30% in ink or toner costs.
  4. Use a laser printer. If you are printing a text only document or a draft copy and have a choice between a laser printer and an inkjet printer, choose laser. Laser printer toner is much less expensive. You can switch back to the inkjet printer to get the higher quality pictures and such when you are ready for the final printing.
  5. Use compatible cartridges. Compatibles can give you OEM like quality at a savings of 20% to 70%. This is where your best money saving opportunity is.

There may be other money saving ways to handle the printing your office does and when I run across them I’ll include in a future blog. Until then, implementing these strategies should result a substantial savings for your business.

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