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5 Toner Emergencies and How to Prevent Them

EmergencyIn business, it seems like we have to solve a thousand problems a day. From simple issues to major ordeals, we go through each day working to make it better than the day before.  Here are five scenarios with your printer and I bet you have seen at least one or two of them.  In fact, I imagine that most of us have seen them with other situations as well. It’s funny when you look back at it, but it’s not fun at the time.  And I will offer five ways to prevent them from happening to you and your printer.  Solving those other problems outside the printer…. well, that’s up to you.

Number 5 – THE SPILL

You’ve spent two weeks preparing a proposal for a potential client and the meeting time has arrived. You spend the last ten minutes going over the proposal when the receptionist calls to let you know the prospect is there. One more sip of coffee and… Rats… your proposal now has a pretty tan color on the first page.  No problem, just print another copy. Except, YOU RUN OUT OF TONER!


Life at the office is going along just fine even though the office manager is on vacationuntil YOU RUN OUT OF TONER

Number 3-THE SHAKE

It’s time for a new cartridge in your printer so you head to the supply closet to get one. Even though there are more cartridges there than at the local office supply store, not one of them is the one you need.  You order another one but since you shook your old one three times before checking the closet, YOU RUN OUT OF TONER.


You have a presentation to make to the board tomorrow but it needs a few last minute tweaks and you are waiting for information from another department.  Your daughter has a dance recital after school, so you decide to take the work home, finish the report and then print 10 copies before the board meeting in the morning.  Confidently, you walk in the next morning, start printing when half way through, YOU RUN OUT OF TONER.

And Number 1 –THE HOLIDAY

You decide that it’s time to show your boss what you are made of so you decide to put some extra time in during the holiday.  You work diligently, while no one is looking, Now, it’s time to produce the document that guarantees your next promotion whenYOU RUN OUT OF TONER.

Now, 5 ways to prevent this from happening to you. (Again!)

  1. You could set a reminder on your calendar to remind you that you need to check your cartridge inventory. (This works well if you actually stop and check the inventory.)
  2. We could put you on a call list to check with you on a periodic basis to see if your toner supply is adequate. (Again, this works well if you really do check.)
  3. We could offer the same service only using email instead. (Same as above. I’m seeing a pattern here.)
  4. We could load a program on your network that would let us know when your printer is running low on toner. Upon receiving that information, we could arrange to bring you the cartridges that you need. (This system could also be part of a Managed Printer Services (or MPS) contract.)
  5. We could help you set your cartridge inventory levels for your supply closet. Then, on a predetermined schedule, we could stop by and replace the cartridges that have been used and remove the empty ones. (This one keeps you in control while it relieves you of the worry.)

Honestly, number five is my favorite.  With that scenario, you never have to worry about having the cartridges when you need them. It also solves another problem in that since we are monitoring your supply, we can make adjustments to what you have based on new and retiring printers. That way you don’t end up with a closet full of cartridges that you don’t have printers for anymore.

Of course, no system is absolutely perfect. They are only as good as the people who run them.  But, printers are our business and it is our goal to make them run as problem free as is possible. That way you can concentrate on the other 999 issues that you have to solve today.

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