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“Free” is costing you more, every day!

ShavingI was in a store recently getting some supplies for my morning routine when I noticed a can of shaving cream with a new free razor attached to it. “Great,” I thought “I love free stuff.” We’ve all seen them before.  Some company comes out with the latest and greatest in shaving technology and they are just giving it away.

And, we all know why.

You get that new razor home and try it out.  Sure enough, it gives you the closest shave you have had in years.  You happily use the razor for a period of time then it’s time for some new razor blades.  The next time you are in the store, you go to the shaving isle, search for the correct model and then it hits you. “Holy Cow,” you think to yourself, “no wonder they give the handle away, the replacement blades cost an arm and a leg.” There’s no way the handle can be so cheap that they can give it away while the replacement cartridges are so expensive to manufacture that you have to have a line item in your budget for them.

The idea is a simple one and if it didn’t start with razor blades manufacturers, it was perfected by them.   Give the permanent part of the product away and make your money on the part that is thrown away.  It seems backward until you look at it from the point of view of someone trying to make a profit. It’s no different with your printer.  Look at the prices of some of the printers on the market today and you wonder how they can stay in business, until it’s time to buy a cartridge. Now it’s easy to spot where the profit margins lie.

The good news is that there is a way to minimize the expense of the cartridges, and still get the quality that you have come to expect from your printer.  AOS Laser Service sells toner cartridges from the largest compatible cartridge manufacturer in the world at a savings of 30 to 60%. Every cartridge is guaranteed to perform to or exceed the manufacturer’s specifications. When it’s time to reload your printer, call us for a quote for your cartridges and see what we can save you.

One more thought though. When it comes time to purchase that new printer, consider the cost of the cartridges along with the price of the printer.  In the long run, a well-used printer will cost you more in toner or ink than the initial purchase price.  Give us a call when that time comes and we will walk with you through that process as well.

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