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It is all about quality.


I talked to a man several weeks ago about his printing business.  He has run a successful printing company for many years and we were discussing his commitment to the quality of his work product.  He showed me a program that he had outsourced due to time constraints and told me that if he had been able too, he would have made the supplier rerun the job because of the poor quality of the work.  I looked at the pages that he was unhappy with and then looked at the work he had done in previous years and to be honest, I couldn’t tell the difference without him pointing out specific details.  He knew what those pages should look like and he wasn’t happy unless they were perfect.

Many of our customers are the same way. When they print that job, they know what to expect.  But, what if what you have printed doesn’t meet your standard.  What should you do?

Today, I have a couple of tips for you to think about.

These days, most print quality issues come down to one of two things.  The first thing I am going to eliminate is the toner cartridge. Although there are times when the cartridge fails prematurely, there are also plenty of occasions when the cartridge is simply at the end of its cycle. The other common culprit is the fuser assembly. This is the part that melts the toner onto the paper. It can take a beating and sooner or later, all fusers need replacing which, with just a few exceptions, should be done by a qualified technician. Any other print quality issues, though less likely, are also going to require the assistance of a technician.

                So, here are a few things to keep in mind to avoid delays when your printer is not printing up to your standards. When a problem occurs, changing the cartridge may be the quickest solution. If you have another printer that uses the same cartridge, you might to swap the two cartridges to see if the print quality issue follows your cartridge to the other printer. Also, remember to always keep a backup on hand. You know you’re going to need it sooner or later. And finally, when you get that “Printer Maintenance Required” message on you printer, don’t ignore it. Most of your printer’s failures, whether print quality issues or paper jam issues, are addressed with the installation of a printer maintenance kit.

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