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The Configuration Page: A Secret Treasure

Configuration-Settings-icon90 percent of printer repair issues that I see can be broken down into two main categories, print quality issues and paper movement issues, or paper jams. Most of the time, the problem has been discussed with whoever receives the call and I walk in with a plan of how I am going to attack the problem.  Inevitably the first question I get from the user is “do you want me to print something?” I politely tell them no and then go on about the process of troubleshooting the problem.  Most people have no idea that I can perform the troubleshooting process without the aid of a computer, whether the problem is of the print quality variety or the paper jam variety. The way that I do this is due to the fact that the printer will print out what is known as a configuration page.  Besides the fact that I can use the configuration page to trace a paper jam or look at a printed page to see the print quality issue. There is a wealth of information on it.  But, the best benefit of printing the configuration page is that, since it comes from the printer itself, I eliminate the possibility of the computer being part of  the problem.

For the user, the configuration page can provide you with quite a bit of useful information, not the least of which is the page count. The page count is a better indication of the condition of the printer than the age of the printer.  Think of it as mileage on the printer.  Now, your printer may be more of the type that is driven by a little lady to and from church every Sunday or it could be more like my truck that racks up mile after mile, day after day. Although, chances are yours is somewhere in between.  Either way, the configuration page tells the story.

We have included a couple of videos of how to print the configuration page on a Hewlett Packard 1320 laser printer and an HP 2420 laser printer. Just click the link below to view the videos. Most printers, even the ones that are not HP, use a similar process to get the configuration page.  If you have trouble figuring how to print yours, give us a call and we’ll walk you through it.

By the way, the other 10 percent of printer problems are between the printer and the computer in which case the configuration page is no help at all… in case you were wondering.

Click here>>> HP 2420

Click here>>> HP 1320

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