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Time Moves On

ClockWhen I came into this business over 20 years ago, the most popular printer that we saw was the Hewlett Packard Laserjet II. This was the cutting edge of laser printers and printed at a whopping 8 pages per minute. Its little brother, the Laserjet IIp printed just 4 pages per minute. I was looking at some specs for today’s printers and I thought it would be fun to compare the fastest printers, by brand, for see which was the top performing printer. Those printers of that are may have been considered cutting edge at the time but they don’t hold a candle to what the printers are capable of producing today. So, here’s the list in reverse order.

5. Dell B2375 prints 5 times faster than the HP II at 40 pages per minute.

4. Canon Imageclass LBP 6780 prints just a shade faster at 42 pages per minute.

3. Two printers at a speed of 62 pages per minute, the HP M603 and the Samsung 6510.

2. The Lexmark MX 810 comes in at a very speedy 70 pages per minute.


The Brother HL 5700 prints at a blazing 100 pages per minute.

Wow, look how far printers have come. Just like everything else, they are just getting faster and faster.  Now, there may be other printers or devices out there that will outperform the ones on this list, but these are the major brands that we see today in our marketplace.  I can only imagine what is on the drawing board for the next generation of printers.

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