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What’s In A Name?


I am sometimes asked where our name “AOS Laser Service,” came from.  I cannot take credit for the name because it actually precedes my employment here. It is hard to imagine now, but there was once a time when computer equipment was highly specialized. AOS started out in Texarkana as a supplier of word processing equipment, known at the time as CPT. Don’t ask me what that stands for, but AOS was originally Automated Office Systems. When desktop computers became the norm, the original owner of the company had to redefine it and thus AOS Laser Service was born.

Shortly after I became a part owner in 1993, we added another company from Longview, “East Texas Cartridge”, and while we completely combined the operations of the two companies, we kept the names of each entity for several years.  Just answering the phone was a challenge especially with only one line. Can you imagine? We answered the phone as “East Texas Cartridge, AOS Laser Service, may I help you?” We kept it that way until 1998 and when we added “Charge It” from Shreveport to our operations, we decided we had to consolidate under one name and we chose AOS Laser Service.

A year later, we added “Nelco” from Abilene to our growing company and shortly after that, we also bought out a small independent operation in San Angelo. From Little Rock, we added ATC Computers in 2002 and “Ink & Toner Exchange” from Rogers in 2009. Finally, we partnered with ECS in Shreveport and took over their laser printer repair operations in 2012.

In 2008 though, a significant change took place with our name. We were considering moving our business model to a more retail oriented one and decided to start the experiment in Abilene. In the process, we also decided that a more common sounding name would be beneficial. “Snappy Printer Cartridges and More” was the name we chose. We changed the name in Rogers to Snappy when we made that purchase and we also changed the name in Little Rock from AOS to Snappy.

So here we are, some 20 years later, right back where we started, running one company with two different names, which is a challenge to say the least. And once again, we want to make things simpler and put everything under one name.  The problem is that we like each name but for different reasons. So, here is what we decided. We are going to call ourselves Snappy but we are keeping AOS close by since that is the name we are incorporated under. Both names appear in our new logo and we will answer to either name. Think of “AOS Laser Service” as our given name and “Snappy” as our nickname.

You will notice a few small changes here and there, but the bottom line is the people are the same and the service is the same. In fact, even our name is the same, we just added a little to it. So, whether you know us as “Snappy” or “AOS” you will get the same great prices and the same legendary service that you have come to expect from us for over 20 years.

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